An Introduction to the Italian Lakes District of Italy

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The Italian lakes district is found at the Northern region of Italy, right below Switzerland. These lakes have been a popular holiday destination since Roman times. Because of the destinations attractions and beautiful scenery, the area still attracts numerous visitors every year for Italian lakes holidays. Beginning in Milan, Italy, the lakes boast many attractions for tourists as well as native Italians. Many celebrities are spotted there every year as well!

Lake Como and Lake Garda are definitely the touristiest lakes, with Lake Maggiore coming in at a close third (and Lake Lugano at fourth). Regardless of this fact, if you are a first time visitor, they are all lakes that have to be seen. Some of the other smaller Italian lakes worth checking out are Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, Lake Trasimeno, Lake Bracciano, Lake Bolsena, and Lake Vico.

Traveling to the lakes district for your vacation is not difficult due to the availability of easy transportation from nearby airports. The most convenient airports to land in to get to the Italian Lakes are the Milan Malpanesa, Milan Linate, and Orio al Serio Airport. You can also fly into Swiss airport at Zurich, Switzerland, and head south from there.

When traveling in the lakes district, there is plenty of food to enjoy, wine to drink, sights to see, and items to purchase. The cuisine in the lakes district is delicious, along with the wide assortment of available wine, just like throughout the rest of Italy. The shopping, which ranges from discount bargain shopping to high fashion boutiques, is one of a kind. Try to find your way to a weekly street markets that pop up throughout the district. Perfect for browsing and finding souvenirs for friends and family back home, the street markets are a favorite for travelers on a budget. You will also get a chance to practice your haggling skills. Remember: don't ever pay more than half of what their initial sale price is!

If you are more interested in outdoor activities, many tourists come to swim and hike the exciting trails for their Italian lakes holidays. In fact, hiking is one of the most popular activities to be done around the Italian lakes because of ability to view the magnificent glacial lakes (with Lake Como offering some of the best hiking areas on Earth!). There are also numerous water activities at the lakes including boating, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, kite surfing, and more! The district also boasts museums, art and architecture, design centers and prehistoric relics, which should all be seen on your trip.

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An Introduction to the Italian Lakes District of Italy

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This article was published on 2010/03/27