Discovering the Wonders of the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes of North America consists of connecting freshwater lakes bordering Canada and the United States. It was formed by several lakes including Ontario, Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie Lake. The combined area of the lakes sets its record as the world's largest freshwater lake. Aside from these lakes, smaller lakes and rivers contribute to its large area. It also includes other bodies of water like the Georgian Bay, Welland Canal, Straights of Mackinac, Niagara River and the Lake of Saint Clair.

Along the stretch of the Great Lakes lies around 35,000 islands in which the Manitoulin Island is the largest among them. Next in its size is the Isle Royale located in Lake Superior.

It has also become a major route for many shipping, however, during winter season, the lake easily freezes and making it impossible for any shipping vessel to pass through. Cruise lines and yachts make use of Great Lakes by passing through the Erie Canal and Hudson River.

This Lake is also considered as the main natural resource which supplies drinking water to millions of residents in nearby areas. This natural resource is being protected by the provincial government.

There is an effort to protect and reserve this natural resource because of the major contribution of the Great Lakes to the economy and the needs of the people surrounding the area. It has been enacted through the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration and was introduced during the year 2004. This was made possible through a bill by Carl Levin and Mike DeWine who were at that time senators of the United States. The bill aims to maintain the system and avoid it from being destroyed and saving the government from spending millions of dollars for the restoration of the lake.

Another major concern of the government is the problem with over fishing which depletes the population of various species of fish contributing to the supply of the nearby communities.

Another concern is the increasing problem with the Great Lakes' pollution brought about by industrial companies and sewage disposal which greatly affects the survival of the overall population of the fish.

Because of these prevailing concerns, a lot of different organizations from the government and private sector have joined forces to preserve the Great Lakes and protect it from any abuse.

Great Lakes of North America is a perfect choice for travelers who want to experience a lot of adventure. It is ideal for many water activities which includes fishing, surfing, canoeing, sailing, swimming and scuba diving. For a more relaxing moment, enjoy the white sandy beaches and the charm of the islands all over this.

A vacation to Great Lakes can provide you the most exciting experience combined with the beauty of nature which will complete your family vacation. Bring your whole family in a world class experience which will make you want more to come back to this beautiful paradise.

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Discovering the Wonders of the Great Lakes

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This article was published on 2010/04/01