Enjoy the Breathtaking Lake Taupo

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Lake Taupo is considered to be among the very best holiday destinations in New Zealand. The picturesque lake surrounded by a plethora of spectacular surroundings such as bush-clad mountains, volcanoes and other gorgeous landscapes is an ideal location for a visitor to enjoy. Lake Taupo, known to be the largest freshwater lake in the country, boasts stunning blue waters that are unpolluted and refreshingly fresh.

Visitors to the town of Lake Taupo will find a number of hotspots to indulge themselves in, either for a shopping extravaganza or a night out at the many restaurants and cafes. It is known that scores of visitors that include some of the best anglers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts around the world are seen at Lake Taupo.

Fishing at Lake Taupo is the experience of a lifetime. Therefore visitors to the lake should definitely pack in some fishing gear. Considered as one of the few regions in the world that boasts a wild trout fishery, your catch here will be acknowledged in fine style. You can also provide your catch to a friendly restaurant or cafe that will help you cook your specimen. Other attractions at Lake Taupo include steaming craters, boiling mud pools, geysers and silica terraces. Activities such as a walk to Huka Falls, a walk among the serene mountains, kayaking and a game of golf at Wairakei prove to be great stress busters.

At Lake Taupo, visitors can also see a number of rock carvings illustrated by two artists known as Matahi Whakataka and John Randall. These carvings were created on the Mine Bay in 1979 and are of Maori legends. The carving that stands at a high of 10 metres was also made to protect the lake from dangerous volcanic activities.

Other outdoor recreational activities here include biking – the Lake Taupo Biking Challenge is a cycling tour that hosts hundreds of local and foreign volunteers that partake in this prestigious event. Sky diving is also a sought after activity that draws a number of people to its vicinity.

Travellers on their way to New Zealand and on the lookout for a Taupo hotel near Lake Taupowill find the Copthorne Hotel Taupo an ideal accommodation option. This serene lodge will captivate your holiday in many ways. Among the best Taupo hotelsin the area that overlook the picturesque lake, this spectacular modern stay provides a guest with luxurious amenities, local activities and hospitable services for a memorable stay.

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Enjoy the Breathtaking Lake Taupo

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This article was published on 2010/10/04