The Lake Of The Mind

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The Lake Of The Mind

The lake of the mind was still and silent.

In the silence of the night the traveller was becoming cool and calm.

The coolness of the lake was giving him much joy and happiness.

The still water was illumined by the fullmoon.


He looked to the sky and became overwhelmed with it's ecstatic beauty.

Full moon with stars on the clear sky was filling his mind with bliss.

He was unable to know why in the world there is so much of frustration and anxiety!

Why man is feeling unhappy when there is so much of beauty!


He could clearly see the beauty of the eternal sky when he went to sleep.

The eternal sky was reflected in his mind's lake.

The fullmoon,the sky and the coolness of the lake gave him much joy.

He thought of a glorious future for him and his family.


In the sleep he was lost in the sky.

Among the stars and moon he forgot himself and danced with joy.

All his sorrows,griefs and anxieties were over.

He was as still as the sky with beautiful stars and the full moon.


The morning came with a  beautiful,bright and red sun.

He woke up afresh,looked to the sun and offered his salutations.

The sound of  the birds and the cool breeze were giving his mind  lot of vibrations.

He finished his works and went to duty.


The traveller always wants to keep his mental lake cool and calm.

He is fearful of loosing the beautiful and eternal sky.

If his mental lake will not be still and calm,then no beauty will be reflected in it.

The universal beauty can not be seen and enjoyed.


There fore while at work,when in home and where ever he is he keeps his mental lake calm.

The whole universe is reflected in the lake.

He gets many secrets to achive success.

Works with courage,enthusiasm and full confidence that one day he will live his dreams.

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The Lake Of The Mind

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This article was published on 2010/10/17